The requirements for obtaining a Patent are novelty, inventive step and sufficient industrial applicability.
In a nutshell, an invention is a new and innovative solution to a technical problem. This may be either a product, both a method or procedure entirely new or improved to a given product or existing proceeding.

Services offered by our office:

  1. advice on the existence of the above requirements;
  2. preparation and filing of the Patent Application;
  3. advice and assistance on the reply to the objections sent by the examiner of the application, in order to obtain the grant of the Patent;
  4. extension of the application abroad;
  5. legal advice and assistance about counterfeiting;
  6. legal advice and assistance regarding the transfer of rights (assignment and license);
  7. recording of the transcription of assignment and license acts in Italy and abroad;
  8. payment of annuities of Patents;

Patents for utility model

The Utility Models are industrial products with a new conformation which might confer special effectiveness or ease of application or use (or parts of machines, tools, utensils or objects in general).
The requirements are novelty, industrial applicability, and the particular effectiveness or ease of application of use.
The services offered by our office are the same as those mentioned above for patents for invention.