Works protected under the law on copyright, are:

  1. literary, dramatic, scientific, educational, religious works, whether in written or oral;
  2. the works and musical compositions with or without words, dramatic and musical works and musical variations that themselves constitute original works;
  3. choreographic works and pantomimes, which is fixed in writing or otherwise;
  4. designs and works of architecture;
  5. works of cinematographic art, whether silent or sound, except in the case of simple documentation protected under the rules of the Chapter V of Title II;
  6. photographic works and those expressed by processes analogous to photography provided that they are not simple photographes protected under the provisions of Chapter V of Title II;
  7. computer programs, expressed in any form as long as the result of original intellectual creation. Are excluded from the protection afforded by this law the ideas and principles which underlie any element of a program, including those which underlie its interfaces. The term “program” also includes preparatory material for the design of the program;
  8. The databases, designed as collections of works, data or other materials arranged in a systematic or methodical way and individually accessible by electronic means or otherwise. The protection of databases does not extend to their contents and shall not affect existing rights to such content.

Our Office is able to offer advice and assistance regarding the filing of the works and the best protection of copyrights and moral rights of the author.